Arlo Aldo Joins Future Oak Records

Arlo Aldo has been invited to join Future Oak Records, a fantastic record label here in Pittsburgh with an immense amount of talent on it. Future Oak will be releasing Arlo Aldo’s sophomore full length record in September of 2015. You can read the official press release below. We are honored, thrilled, flattered, and out-of-our-mind excited…

WYEP to Feature “Sleep” on The Local 913

We are honored and thrilled to announce that “Sleep” from our EP, “Spin the Twine,” is going to be featured on The Local 913 next week on WYEP. The Local 913 is a new on-air segment showcasing local music here in Pittsburgh. You can hear it during the following times: Monday: 3:30p Tuesday: 6:30a Wednesday:…

Video from The Wilderness Studio

Recently, we had the distinct pleasure to be invited back up to our home-away-from-home, J Bird Studio, to participate in their new, ongoing video series. It’s a band, an iPhone, and a few mics. That’s it. It’s a way for the studio to highlight local musicians and what they sound like in a live setting….

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